Monday, February 13, 2012

my bones are tired, my pulse is weak

i'm sorry that all my photos look exactly the same always, i hope you can see a quiet intimacy in them; that is so often what i'm inspired by. there are also pictures of some words that i wrote- it's much more difficult to share little poems and writings than anything else for me, but i write every night and i don't want the words to stay trapped between the covers of my journal forever (although, that is probably where most of them will stay)

turn down your mind
empty your head
shut off the lights
i'll turn down the bed
your body is warm, we've forgotten our doubts
we'll melt like candles until we burn out
those words to that love song
i still don't believe
i have nothing to say
but i don't want you to leave
our clothes are lying on my living room floor
and i left my heart on the shelf by the door
so stay with me, stay tonight
lover please hold me, i know it's not right
look at my body, it's pale and meek
my bones are tired
my pulse is weak
i want you to breathe me back to life
i want to see you in the morning light
busy old fool, unruly sun
we're as foolish as we were then
you will pick up your clothes, and kiss me goodbye
and i will be lonely


1 comment:

the park said...

your writing is so beautiful sal

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